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What do we do?


Imagine that you receive another letter with payment request from a contractor. Now imagine that you receive a letter from a professional debt collecting agency.

Do you see the difference?


Debtor abroad? Thanks to our many years of experience and branches throughout Europe, we are able to reach your debtor quickly and efficiently. Our effectiveness is confirmed by numerous awards in the international arena.

We will reach to your debtor.


Imagine you are waiting for a courier. The door bell rings, you open the door and instead of the courier you are greeted by field debt collectors, who have come to talk about your debt.

Do you already know why field debt collection is so effective?


You see no chance for an amicable settlement, but you want your money back as soon as possible? Do not waste your time and entrust us with the court collection of debt, before it is too late.

Our lawyer is waiting to hear from you.


One of the most important things before starting any enforcement is to accurately determine the debtor's financial situation. Identifying the debtor's assets and showing them to the enforcement authorities is the only way to carry out effective debt enforcement.

Our detective is already waiting for your assignment.


Are you fed up with the issue of unrecovered receivables? Do you want to get rid of the problem and recover your money in a quick and easy way? Debt sale is the easiest solution to your problem.

Sell your receivables


Did you know that financial liquidity is the key to success? In order to achieve that, you need to make sure that your new contractor is honest and solvent. A report prepared by us will help you with that.

Learn more about the contractor


Thanks to the monitoring service you keep an eye on your contractors already at the stage of invoice payment, you do not allow arrears to occur and you ensure yourself financial liquidity at the highest level.

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You pay only for success
All costs are covered by the debtor
You save time
You entrust the matter to professionals

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How to get your money back in three simple steps?

You describe your problem to us
We check your debtor for free and we present a plan of action
You accept the plan and get your money back

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Debt collection

Do you have a debtor? Attempts to negotiate have no effect? Do you need support? Delegate this task to specialists and do not worry about your contractors any longer. Hadyński Inkaso is an effective debt collection company which will recover your money. Save your time and most of all your nerves. Leave your telephone number and we will contact you and solve your case quickly and without unnecessary problems!

How do we work?

The activity of our professionals is always thoughtful and professional. We follow a proven pattern to tailor the best collection action to the debtor and your needs. By entrusting us with debt recovery, you are placing your case in the hands of experienced professionals. They have helped many people in similar situations, so they can help you too. Once you decide to use our services, you are three steps away from recovering your debt:

  • after contacting us, we ask you to describe the problem in detail, 
  • then we check your debtor and try to match the solutions that may prove to be the most effective; we come back to you with a ready plan of action,
  • after presenting the plan, we wait for your acceptance of the recommended course of action; then all that remains is to wait for the money to come back to you.

What do we offer?

Debt collection is a stressful and time-consuming activity. Our debt collection agency offers comprehensive services and assistance in recovering your money. We will check your situation free of charge and suggest the debt collection measures that we believe will bring you the most benefits. We charge a fee only in the case of successful debt recovery, and all costs are then covered by the debtor. The debt collection services we provide are:

  • domestic debt collection – amicable actions aimed at starting new negotiations with your counterparty; a letter from a professional debt collection company can highly motivate the debtor to repay the debt,
  • international debt collection – effective debt collection outside the country is much more problematic; if your debtor is not currently in Poland, we will reach him quickly and make sure that he remembers about the deadline
  • field debt collection – if need be, we will visit your business partner and talk to him personally about the debt; a visit from the staff of a professional debt collection office can be very effective
  • court debt collection – when there is no chance for amicable settlement of the case or any negotiations, debt collection in court may be the only option; we will then take care of the supervision of the court process,
  • searching for debtor’s assets – we will establish what is the financial situation of your debtor and provide this information to the enforcement authorities; this will definitely facilitate the recovery of the debt,
  • buying debts – if you want to recover your money as soon as possible, we also deal with buying debts; when the financial liquidity of your company is at risk, selling debts may turn out to be the best option
  • business intelligence – we will check every contractor for you before you start cooperation with him; we will prepare a report which will make you sure of your partner’s honesty and solvency
  • monitoring of receivables – we keep an eye on your contractors at every stage; our preventive measures aim at ensuring timely payments in the future; not allowing the emergence of arrears is the best guarantee of financial liquidity.

Why choose us?

Hadyński Inkaso is a debt collection office with many years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. Our debt collection services are always fully transparent. We are straightforward about our activities in relation to the debtor. We also do not have any hidden fees. We guarantee the effectiveness of our specialists and reliable support for each client. Write to us now and find out how quickly you can recover the money due to you.

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